Hayden Sunset

Hayden Sunset
Hayden Valley Sunset in April

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Around Estes - Part 2

Told ya this would be a two parter.  This time, we have a bit of the, promenade might be the word, near downtown Estes Park and a trip a to Lily Lake.  Lily lake was my go to spot in Estes.  I spent many an hour there, reading, walking, smelling trees.  It was grand.  You had to be there.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Around Estes - Part 1

Continuing on my random blogging of random times, I'll give you the pictures from my new camera that I took when wandering Estes Park.  I got the new camera in late July, not long after I made my triumphant return to Colorado.  This will be at least two parts, cause I did a lot of wandering around Estes over the summer.  My car was acting silly, so I didn't go to far from the town. I'll probably let the pictures speak for themselves.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bagpipes and Cabers

Hi! Oh my god, I am a horrible blogger.  Seriously, I think every possible blog post I've thought about starting the in the last year (and obviously didn't write) started this way.  Well, lots has happened and at the same time, nothing much.  I'll just jump in to random pictures and do something and screw chronological order of events.  Thank goodness, I'm not a linear person.  I was in Colorado over the summer and fall, and they just happen to have a Scottish Fair there.  Naturally, I went.  I mean, bagpipes and caber tosses, how can I resist.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Charity Hockey

Holy crap, I am a bad blogger!  Seriously, I've dropped the ball this summer.  Oh well, moving forward.  I got a couple of posts planned.  I've been doing things!  Yay!!!  I'll start with the Defending the Blue Line charity game in Minneapolis on the 20th of June. (If you remember I've mentioned them before)  It was great, lots of nhl players played and I went with some awesome people. (A little (very) disappointed, I didn't get Ryan Malone's (!!!!) autograph.)  It was a good game, I was cheering for both teams, but mostly for Ryan Malone and against that guy from the Bruins whose name I conveniently have forgotten as well as the former governor from Minnesota.  Without further ado (or much commentary) here are my pictures!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Old((ish), but not really) Hockey Pics...

As you all know, I discovered a fun way to make pictures oldish, it was fun, and I've been hanging out there a lot.  Just playing around with some of my hockey pictures.  Once again, you had to know this was coming, as is the case with all the other crazy stuff somehow it will all be hockey related at some point.  So here we go, my hockey pictures with more creative twist. Orrrr not. ;)